Weddings & Engagement

I see my work as one that looks for and captures the beautiful moments that arise in every aspect of life. The celebration of the union of two people in marriage is full of this naturally occurring imagery. Each wedding is as unique as the individuals being joined. With this appreciation, I take each wedding as a personal assignment; giving of myself, my vision and over 10 years of experience photographing people worldwide to seek out and record the beautiful and meaningful moments as they occur. The end result of my approach to wedding photography is a very personal, artistic and creative collection of images of your wedding day without drawing unnecessary attention to myself.


Headshots, Corporate, Personal, Lifestyle

I am passionate about helping my clients succeed in their businesses.  I work with industry-leading professionals who approach their work with a creative and innovative perspective. I’m talking about you. You don’t let anything hold you back from being the best in your industry, so why would you let your photos be anything less than professional? You are a driven, goal-oriented entrepreneur with a desire to succeed. But how do you convey that in a photograph? How do you successfully brand yourself through photography, especially if you feel like you are not the photogenic type? That’s where I come in.

I love meeting and working with people from all kinds of professions: from doctors to dancers, fitness instructors to chefs, musicians to movie actors and beyond—my client list is diverse but they all have one thing in common – the desire to do more and succeed. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how the entire enterprise can literally depend on the strength and clarity of you – your ideas, and your team. I listen, understand, and communicate the cornerstone qualities that define you and then translate those qualities through the lens of my camera, creating powerful and authentic branding results.